Terra Ceres is born of a meeting and two impulses. When Fabienne and Eric decided to cross their professional paths, it was obvious, their recipes would be greedy, BIO, with the minimum of allergens and products of animal origin. To produce taste and nutritional excellence for the greatest number, respecting the Earth and humans.

At 10, Fabienne makes her first culinary trials before dinner, when her mother leaves the family kitchen to feed the farm animals. His essays are numerous, his mixtures unexpected, sometimes en / dis-courage, until developing a intuition of the marriage of flavors. At the same time, on the verdant path of the communal school is born his passion for plants that will impose himself to exercise the profession of researcher to better understand their functioning.

Meanwhile, Eric, a Parisian by birth, is touched by the magic of Mother Nature in the heart of the Pays de Caux where his grandparents lived. The purple flax meadows, waving between sky and sea, led Eric to higher agricultural studies. He climbed the floors of the agro-food industries, passionate about gastronomy, industrial development, nourishing passions of beautiful passions for Slavic cultures.

In 2014, when they meet at the turn of a professional project, Eric and Fabienne understand that it has become imperative to put their energy at the service of food and environmental transition. The path is lit up and the milestones of a company creation are created: to create Terra Ceres, to make only BIO, to build a lab devoted to “gluten-free”, to create gourmet recipes, to test, taste, Meet local growers, dig our heads to get organic sunflower seeds from the field we see from our office to our breads, meet you YOUR consumer customer without which our fluffy ones would feel alone …

In short

We produce in a laboratory located in the Agroparc of CONTRES (41), since the end of November 2015.
Our customers are BIO stores and restaurants.
We offer 3 ranges: BREADS, SUPPLIES AND MIXS
We lay the foundations for partnerships to develop a farm-to-fork system.