For our Customers

Our products are delicious and address all the family, coeliac or not.
ORGANIC, GUARANTEED without GLUTEN, without MILK, without hydrogenated fatty acids, without colouring agents, without preservatives.
No concession on the quality of raw materials.
Including recipes 6 in 9 different vegetables.
A maximum of complete vegetables, reasonably, to benefit from mineral salts, vitamins, fibers, without having the intestinal inconveniences of it.
Linen rich recipes, Hemp and Colza – greater content there? 3.
Without added aromas. We do not strengthen the aromas, even with natural aromas. We are couting only on the flavors of our raw materials and the subtlety of recipes.
In our work
Our rooms of production and packaging are continuously disinfected, so as to work in the cleanest possible environment. We work in sanitary standards much more drastic than those who are recommended in the profession.
We condition our products either with an absorber of oxygen, or under atmosphere devoid of oxygen, to prevent microorganisms possibly present from developing. And microorganisms, we have it in profusions because we produce some bread which is a fermented, alive product, containing a great deal of brewer’s yeasts.
For the Planet
First use of a maximum of materials produced in France. Participation to the organization of local sectors ORGANIC, partnership with producers situated in our department. Development of recipes using raw materials produced locally, within a radius of less than 20 km: linen, sunflower, hemp, so as to assure the local producers an outlet in their products, check better the quality of raw materials, have an ecological impact the lowest possible. Without GMO. Limit at the most packagings and suremballage. Refuse plastics containing some chlorine. All our waste is sorted out (paper, cardboard, plastics, metal, glass, biowaste).
For our Employees
A participative management, or every collaborator is completely an actor of the company.
Every employee is recognized for his peculiarity and his skills. His missions are clearly defined, visible by all, and freely chosen.
The employees are invited to take all the initiatives which they wish, as far as they are in coherence with the reason for being of the company.
A societal project is set up, on the initiative of the employees.

Our Certifications